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what's your sat score?

I’ve actually never taken the SAT haha so I have no idea, but I’ve taken the ACT twice though!

I finally finalized my list yayyyyy these 15 schools won’t know what hit them

life is good right now

I don’t care anymore

every night I lay awake thinking of how I dragged myself into this mess of yours






Ashley Tisdale | He Said She Said
Headstrong (2007) 

That harpsichord in the beginning always slays me, never fails to blow my mind, she was so ahead of her time.

This was so scandalous when oiy came out

i still know all the words to this. a fuckin BOP if i ever heard one 

omg throwback

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but this is life and I can’t change it and I’ll be stuck in this never-ending vortex that’s been slowly consuming me since day 1

honestly I’m so fucking done with your shit right now
just stop

are you really fucking doing this right now

sleeping at 9:30 in order to avoid naviance and the uc app